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This list contains all the scenes, currently in the library. Scenes can be ordered either chronologically or by popularity.

Title Description Tags Popularity
Lair design (Dreadfully Decadent Decorations - Y!PP)

I (Mythjan on Emerald Ocean) created this lair design mostly in my favourite colour - red. In this case it (mostly) represents blood (especially on the floor) and danger. I designed this lair as a headquarters (HQ) of a cult of haunted souls, so "haunted" and "cursed" are main themes (both equally important).
I arranged elements in a way, that leaves as much space as possible (for members of the cult - functionality) without losing good appearance (art) - at least that was the main idea.

blood, bones, cursed, evil, haunted, red, treasure
[DDD] Job advertisement by HenchCo: Lair designer wanted

This is a base scene for a creativity competition. Don't mind the preview being shown entirely in black. ScenePainter will display it correctly.

Monster Hospital

Hidden away above the inn is the Monster Hospital. Ever wonder how skellies and zombies get their heads and hands fixed after losing a fray? Now you know!

DDD, doctor, hospital, monster, skellie, skellington, What's Upstairs, zombie
What's upstairs? Control Room for the island

This is the Second Floor of the Inn.
Here is from the island is controlled.
Why not in the Palace? wouldn't that be too obvious?
The Ocean Masters must keep their workstation in secret, if someone manages to get in there i can't imagine the disasters he can cause.
I just found a hole in the ceiling from where i could take a look inside. This is unbelievable, they have an island model from where they can even move the ships. What kind of wizardry is this!
Also here is where the Ocean Masters hatch from their eggs.

DDD, Inn, Ocean Master, What's Upstairs
Nemesis' Hideout

Above the inn, in a room inaccessible by normal means, Nemesis has her hideout. Drinks are always avaliable and a warm fire burns in the hearth to keep the winter chills at bay. She has her own custom pink poker table, and a spy hole for watching those in the inn below her play poker. Minion has his own plam tree to remind him of the forests of his homeland.

DDD, Inn, Nemesis, Ocean Master, rooms, What's Upstairs

Usually, dungeons are hidden in dank tombs, out-of-the-way caves, or abandoned cities far from civilization. But, some evil overlords don't want to give up the conveniences of civilization, such as Wi-Fi and plumbing. To that end, a mysterious party has hidden his trap and treasure filled dungeons in the one place he was sure no one would look: on the second floor of inns. There's no arrow at the entrance, thus sealing it like a concrete vault for thousands of years, until one day, a brave warrior smuggled a spare arrow in, unlocking the terror beyond...

DDD, upstairs, ypp
Old Salt's Apartment

You know the Old Salt, don't you? The one that's always trying to bum a drink off you at the inn? Well, the truth is, he lives there, upstairs. When he's not drinking, he spends his time looking through telescopes to find out all those interesting pieces of information he shares. Then, he listens for cannon shots. As you can see, he's pretty well off, so the next time he asks you to buy him a drink, save your PoE.

DDD, upstairs, ypp
Spammer Asylum

Ever wondered where Inn Spammers come from? Well, they are usually kept in an insane asylum on the second floor of every inn. As you can see, the asylum boasts an arts and crafts area to keep spammers busy, as well as a mess table and other accommodations, plus a reception area for visiting family and hearties. Unfortunately, due to lax security, the occasional spammer escapes,leading to excessive shouts of "SELLING RARE FURNI SEND TELL!!!1!" at the inn below...

DDD, upstairs, ypp
Beach House

A more "laid back" less "ostentatious" (yes, this scene IS less ostentatious than some of the others) scene, I created a place where a filthy rich pirate could go to get away from it all.

DDD, ypp
Poolside Riches

This is the garden of my mansion. The scarab got so generous, my riches are overflowing and it won't fit anywhere else in the house... or I'm just showing off my millions to the neighbors! ;)

garden, poes, pool, treasure
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